Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lecture #1- Break a leg

Shoes for the day!Comfy everywhere-you-go slippers.I like these sporty designs-really masculine buh somehow just really love em-somehow haven't gotten around to get one!-so i just wear my leather slippers that are built very close to these.You really need em with a broken shoes allowed mayne!

1. Unlike pilots and captains, OKADA men never go down with their machines.
2. A leg is way too important; walking isn’t near the only thing one leg helps you with.
3. Everybody has a freaking cross to carry so don't be envious of anyone ever!
4. Never deliver money through someone else, either the receiver believes he has been cheated or it doesn’t get there intact.
5. Smiling and being happy makes things better but it is also a bad thing especially when everyone forgets and expects you to do certain things like you were well.
6. Even your family can get tired of helping you...most people will, they just won’t say it.
7. Flagyl makes me throw up even on an empty tummy.
8. Orbit chewing gum can’t get rid of drug inflicted nausea
9. Doctors don't understand Ouch and stop!
10. A fracture is worse when it’s near a joint...the closer to a joint, the slower it will heal.
11. Callus that forms to heal a broken bone is way stronger than the bone i.e. if you get a fracture when it heals...even on direct impact that same point will not break instead some other part of the bone will.
12. When you have an aching leg, your youngest brother believes he can act anyhow he wants and many other people too.
13. Lying on a hospital bed for two weeks is hell
14. Using a bed pan is even worse
15. They actually want you to get naked in the theatre...nah ah! I kept my panties!
16. Antibiotics colour the teeth
17. When you lose blood, they flood your system with saline for all the fluid you have lost before they start considering blood transfusion.
18. Nurses are evil except the really nice ones. Mum calls them Florence Nightingale: woman who started nursing as a profession is Florence Nightingale.
19. Injections and IV drugs are better...way easier to take than tablets
20. Painkillers are heaven...lmao...Painkillers are addictive (some of them are made with narcotics)...they say I was almost there but I doubt!
21. When you have an aching leg, you understand the importance of a smooth tarred road.
22. ‘Friends’ are friends whether they can be assholes or not.
23. Certain headaches can last 2 weeks, headache in question: my spinal headache
24. You can carry some metal in your bone for a whole lifetime
25. The tools orthopaedic Drs use look like a carpenter’s as in hammer, drill, chisel.etc.
26. Break your leg and you get a car...its trade by batter! Lmao!
27. When terrible things happen, even the strongest of men question God but then God lets bad things happen to us because without them, we’d probably forget he is even there. I love you God!


  1. Wow, didn't know you had a broken leg recently. Hope it's healed now, some good insight there. Take care.

  2. GettinG better thank you...been abt 3mnths...mch better thn my bed pan days...he he

  3. lol@break a leg get a car... r u stl wit jack nd jill?

  4. Nna mehn!!! i need to break a leg too! in short both legs if it'll help learn so much about medicine like it did u. Very informative! nice