Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm back!Babies in a Jar!

Med...something medical 4 once. Some pictures from the anatomy museum in UJ...wondering what i'm still doing in too. The place is so freaking unstable...haven't had lectures the whole week but all na God! nD ahem!! i said i wasnt going to blog anymore...but its soooo tempting. I'm back and no matter how many years apart my posts are I'll still always come back. Pix include hands, legs, babies, a heart and the digestive system...GORE alert.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm leaving...never looking back again!

Having a blog requires...well...time and dedication...Time---NO!...therefore no dedication.sorry buh again i have to close mY blog and this time its till forever. i will just write evrything i need to rant to myself...buhbye blog world.i'd be watching.
PS...i love you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The TIME factoR*

To call it a break or not?!That is the question!
BusY wiF Cadavers...pleaSe call back lateR!Till Time hugs me BloGger!I will miss u!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My effort 2 brinG in Dance.

Shoes for today---Genuine Bare feet! I choose them because they are just so....crude!natural et al...and really the most comfy shoes ever!he he + i used them in this vid!

My main post!Okay so today i decided to bring in dance because afterall the blog's called purpledanceshoes! I tried! I really did but everytime every single time I got interrupted! so the video here is of me trying to dance in PEACE! I don't really like the whining part because i believe we should save that for the parties et clubs--problem is i cant really jump around with my hurting leg...even these whining got them hurting. Maybe I'd try next time when these rascals are on educational exile or Yay! when i'm in my own room in school---:).
buh manage...and the quality is nOt 2 good...found a compress 2 button and couldnt help my its compressed to 6MB from 54GB...*smh---i should have figured!

*update--omG!found this and couldnt help sharing like hell when will anyone do this for me...awww!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Shoes for today!
I finally got something purple...and Oh! wish i had these shoes to match...not like i can wear them with my leg and all but i will happily stash them somewhere so i can use them this time next year.Amen. But these shoes i like, when it come to sandals as well as every other thing...i like things clean and simple so here goes.

Okay So im guessing im one of the inconsistent bloggers...hell Yes, I am but then i have an excuse!...uhmmm...i really don't!
I know i have abandoned my dance shoes but this time i have a genuine excuse---yep, mY leG but sOon I tell yOu. I shall do something! Hurting leg or not.
Like right now I am so inconsistent and the strike is well...striked out and i wonder how i will cope with blogging but I will try no matter how much time the walls of that school try to sap from my already boring bland life...i will put in my best.
What to blog about? Really nothing but I just read a -things i hate about blogs- post somewhere and decided to update. Got me a few new tshirts but i particularly like this one and its purple---yay me! Im sorry i dont have much to say, im pretty inconsistent when it comes to things that kinda affect just my art and all. I promised I'd write a poem everyday sometime last week but have only gotten to write 4.
I promised to say my prayers everyday and oh well! I dont exactly do that.
I promised to update my blog every other day but well the 12th and today don't really seem a day apart. Im Mega Sorry.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the wuGlY face oOf fashiOn!

These shoes below...d leopard print shoes...yeh!genuinely scare me!

Love the black and white shoes like*Sigh!

Hmmmm!Like really...going through all these fashion blogs has got me thinking-Hell yeah!I'd forever remain that t-shirt and denim girl because no matter how much motivated I get, Its all too stressful and the most i can pull off will be a gown!i love simplicity...really!Gowns with simple cuts and those for special occasions. I really envy these girls with all the fab outfits everyday...haha! I stay at home wearing tshirts and boxers when im off school! Like really...i just realised fashion is downright crazy! When i go into fashionista'd find me in jeans, a tshirt and heels!Like thats once a year! When I have lectures, the shoes just vary from ballet flats to yard slippers!he he----please my school is laid back like that.
Church sundays are the ish---always in some glam mode...skirts and heels and I that's as glamorous as I can go!
What you'd find in my closet---tshirts.tshirts.tshirts. Tanks.Jeans trousers. *smh*-i fink dts all o. Yeh a few skirts...and since im kinda evolving style wise...some oversize tees n blouses. Can you see me yet??haha...most probably....Im like 5ft 3 so get your picture right.Yeh i like shorts too---short shorts...cargo shorts...sweat pants!
Tights? Somehow i find them overly dramatic but Im getting there...getting there.When I'm on tights---refer to fashionista moDe! Buh this is me on sunday....haha...with my infamous i-where-everywhere slippers(:-( cant see d slippers in dis pic) n then I was gifted these playboy socks. Socks just reflect the fun bright bubbly me...i do it a lot for the laugh and everyone's pleasure!

Friday, October 9, 2009

IGBO crush!

Shoes for today---Tradition...back 2 ma roots.these are all it needs is some velcro, so you can change fabric based on outfit*smh*!But i like it a lot...she *Ifenkili is finkin outside d huGe box!Go through her stuff and you will come out happY- i nt been thru buh im off 2 her page now!

Igbo---my Crush.

You see a crush is someone you really like but you can’t get ba---sometimes. Well that’s how I see Igbo....This is a conversation on yahoo messenger between me and my IGBO cousin.*smh*

ociajan: ishi efere!(head of plate)

Mizzy: yes ishi okpukpo

ociajan: ishi aziza(head of broom)

ociajan: ishi ngaji(head of spoon)

ociajan: ishi ofe(head of soup)

Mizzy: loving dis igbo diss

ociajan: im jus practising my ibo o

Mizzy: isi ikpo

ociajan: i dnt knw dt one o

ociajan: whats ikpo?

ociajan: infct wats okpukpo

Mizzy: i don't know either

Mizzy: i tnk ikpo is cup

ociajan: ishi mmiri like u(head of water-water head)

Mizzy: or maybe it doesn't exist

Mizzy: ishi anu(Head of meat/animal)

ociajan: lol....ishi amu!(head of penis*)

Mizzy: ehn....

Mizzy: ishi ihe nwaanyi na-enwe nyo ma mmiri

ociajan: hahahahahah!

ociajan: wt ds dt min!?

ociajan: ibo class u crammed ba

ociajan: do u knw wt amu mins sef?

Mizzy: ehen#

Mizzy: it means penis

ociajan: lol...yes

Mizzy: wat i sed was

ociajan: lol......u deserve it

Mizzy: ishi...wat women use to urinate


ociajan: lol

Mizzy: =))

ociajan: ishi okukor(chicken head)

Mizzy: i can't stop laffing

Mizzy: ishi ewu(goat head)

ociajan: ishi anuofia(head of a bush animal or idiot)

ociajan: ishi okporoko(head of stock fish)

Mizzy: ishi nchanwu

ociajan: wts dt one nw?

Mizzy: nchanwu is a leaf

ociajan: mumu

ociajan: i ve one hot one 4 u sef

ociajan: wat is it sef o

ociajan: ishi....

ociajan: ishi mmawu!(masquerade head)

Mizzy: ehn?

ociajan: lol...

Mizzy: ishi chonke

ociajan: ahn ahn

ociajan: wts dt one nw?

Mizzy: its sum1z name

Mizzy: surname

ociajan: u r nw lacking ba

Mizzy: yes

ociajan: hahahahahaha

ociajan: ibo mumu

Mizzy: ishi nwandu

ociajan: was dt 1 nw//

Mizzy: ishi chidobem

ociajan: ??

Mizzy: ishi odugwu

Mizzy: im using surnames

ociajan: ppls surnames

ociajan: mschewwwwwwww

ociajan: ishi nnama

Mizzy: nnama is nt ibo

ociajan: it is o

Mizzy: ok

Mizzy: i dnt know dat 1

ociajan: ask abeg! me i dnt knw agn

ociajan: nnama means meat in ibo

Mizzy: ask hu?

ociajan: abi isit anu

Mizzy: meat is anu

ociajan: hahahahah

ociajan: lol

ociajan: ok so nnama is hausa

Mizzy: see how we r embarrassing ourselves

Mizzy: yes it's hausa


I really exhausted all the Igbo nouns I know in this convo!-yep, serious help needed.

That’s why I have been on my Dad’s tail so he speaks Igbo to me but it’s so hard for him, I have to remind him and it still doesn’t get him to speak more than the next sentence in Igbo. Some other alternative!!!?? My mother isn’t Igbo and I just see nothing better than hearing Igbo from the unexpected-me! I find the language sexy---haha! I find every language that isn’t English sexy! But then its my Igbo! L...Im desperate!