Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My effort 2 brinG in Dance.

Shoes for today---Genuine Bare feet! I choose them because they are just so....crude!natural et al...and really the most comfy shoes ever!he he + i used them in this vid!

My main post!Okay so today i decided to bring in dance because afterall the blog's called purpledanceshoes! I tried! I really did but everytime every single time I got interrupted! so the video here is of me trying to dance in PEACE! I don't really like the whining part because i believe we should save that for the parties et clubs--problem is i cant really jump around with my hurting leg...even these whining got them hurting. Maybe I'd try next time when these rascals are on educational exile or Yay! when i'm in my own room in school---:).
buh manage...and the quality is nOt 2 good...found a compress 2 button and couldnt help my its compressed to 6MB from 54GB...*smh---i should have figured!

*update--omG!found this and couldnt help sharing like hell when will anyone do this for me...awww!


  1. Couldn't see your video but those bare feet look so cute. LOL

  2. that must have been annoying...having people walking up and down lol...she's so funny..putting up her cheeseballs lol...

    You're a great dancer though!

  3. Myne---u really shudda seen d viD!tnx 4 stopping by tho!:D
    Nwanyi--tnx...n Yeh tws were hella annoying!