Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diary of a newbie! Friends =Disaster!

Shoesiz! So the shoes for today are louboutin. something about these shoes give out an aura filled with sass and power and i'm guessing they should fit this post!And the red sole:louboutin signature!---i liking...feels sooooo incharge...wareva ish my post!

Really this is something I have come to learn the hard way. Letting my friends in on the tidbits of my relationship...people-a big no-no. There came the advices, the opinions, the rumours and then a few took it upon themselves to hate my boo boo on my behalf...thanks though! But really girlfriends are Drama! Like hell! There are the shez.

She that flirts and sleeps with your boyfriend.

She that doesn’t approve of him.

She that brings back stories of his escapades with other girls-I did not beg oh but I listened. Now I’m one biG dumbass and I cant deny!

She that makes his business all in her face...yours too.

She that talks to the other she about you-Yes you know they do but you still stick with them and smile because you are all friends, innit?

She that you know is a confirmed BITCHSTARD...She’d stab you as soon as you are vulnerable. Yes...you know but you just fash!

She that brings them other boys coming-interesting buh sooo not unhealthy.

Really I don't want you to let you all into my drama or do I? Okay I do but then I’m a changed person, won’t see me washing my Victoria secret thong on hostel corridors anymore.

But friends can be ok...there are still the she’s...

She that brings all the fun

She that brings all the gossip-good or bad? beats me

She that takes you to ‘Caf’ to read when its time for exams.

She you are laughing with and mimicking on the dance floor

She that doesn’t take things too personal and seriously-yeh we all call ourselves FRIED FISH.

She that cooks like 20 packs of indomie just so your name will enter...lol

She that’s waiting 30 minutes into that lecture while you are screaming ‘XXx...Wait now. Please, Dan Allah!’...really don't have none like this...I’d be the one waiting...True!

She that says ‘Nah ah! You are not going anywhere in that trouser...ahn ahn!

She that’s always there for you, make sacrifices to be places with you...sadly I don't have any around me!

My conclusion on my life at the mo’....Not all friends are the same. There are friends for every situation.

I have the friend that cares in bad times but she is not the one to get to that party with me or escort me when I need to go somewhere important. Then there’s the friend that will go to parties with me but she’s always on some disappointment ish...never on time! But then I don't have the friend I want...the one I am. I am a good friend to a stupid fault...so I changed a bit. Stopped caring, stopped bothering, we friends and that’s where it ends. Someone told me ‘My dear, people are not always there for you’, funny she said it about how she learnt to tweeze her eyebrows...lol but it reflects in every part of our lives- I learnt to paint the nails on my right hand with my left for the same reason and the fact that they never really care to get those tight corners. It is what it is...it may seem like I have a million friends for those who know me but I really have close to non but I’m def not lonely...I have the little people in my head keeping me company. Yes and the boo, they all bad mouthing. Yeh...I see through you, biting the fingers you can’t get to feed you. Right now my philosophy is....

Never jeopardise your feelings because of irrelevant people.

Some people are not worth the value you attach to them, yeh! diss them immediately you realise!

And my personal favourite-If you bitching, I’m ditching.-words of wisdom people.


  1. wow
    do u know my 'friend'
    beacause u just described her!
    awesome wryt up
    i love it

  2. lol i also learnt 2 paint my right nails 2 4 d same reason, nice one... true dt pple rnt olwaiz dere evn if dey try deir darnest 2....

  3. @sweetness---dts jus---sweet!