Monday, October 19, 2009


Shoes for today!
I finally got something purple...and Oh! wish i had these shoes to match...not like i can wear them with my leg and all but i will happily stash them somewhere so i can use them this time next year.Amen. But these shoes i like, when it come to sandals as well as every other thing...i like things clean and simple so here goes.

Okay So im guessing im one of the inconsistent bloggers...hell Yes, I am but then i have an excuse!...uhmmm...i really don't!
I know i have abandoned my dance shoes but this time i have a genuine excuse---yep, mY leG but sOon I tell yOu. I shall do something! Hurting leg or not.
Like right now I am so inconsistent and the strike is well...striked out and i wonder how i will cope with blogging but I will try no matter how much time the walls of that school try to sap from my already boring bland life...i will put in my best.
What to blog about? Really nothing but I just read a -things i hate about blogs- post somewhere and decided to update. Got me a few new tshirts but i particularly like this one and its purple---yay me! Im sorry i dont have much to say, im pretty inconsistent when it comes to things that kinda affect just my art and all. I promised I'd write a poem everyday sometime last week but have only gotten to write 4.
I promised to say my prayers everyday and oh well! I dont exactly do that.
I promised to update my blog every other day but well the 12th and today don't really seem a day apart. Im Mega Sorry.


  1. I forgive you and it's nice to see you. Those purple sandals look fantastic! The Tshirt made me laugh. Yeah right.

    Take care of you girl.

  2. Thanks for your forgiveness...
    im gwateful!