Monday, October 12, 2009

the wuGlY face oOf fashiOn!

These shoes below...d leopard print shoes...yeh!genuinely scare me!

Love the black and white shoes like*Sigh!

Hmmmm!Like really...going through all these fashion blogs has got me thinking-Hell yeah!I'd forever remain that t-shirt and denim girl because no matter how much motivated I get, Its all too stressful and the most i can pull off will be a gown!i love simplicity...really!Gowns with simple cuts and those for special occasions. I really envy these girls with all the fab outfits everyday...haha! I stay at home wearing tshirts and boxers when im off school! Like really...i just realised fashion is downright crazy! When i go into fashionista'd find me in jeans, a tshirt and heels!Like thats once a year! When I have lectures, the shoes just vary from ballet flats to yard slippers!he he----please my school is laid back like that.
Church sundays are the ish---always in some glam mode...skirts and heels and I that's as glamorous as I can go!
What you'd find in my closet---tshirts.tshirts.tshirts. Tanks.Jeans trousers. *smh*-i fink dts all o. Yeh a few skirts...and since im kinda evolving style wise...some oversize tees n blouses. Can you see me yet??haha...most probably....Im like 5ft 3 so get your picture right.Yeh i like shorts too---short shorts...cargo shorts...sweat pants!
Tights? Somehow i find them overly dramatic but Im getting there...getting there.When I'm on tights---refer to fashionista moDe! Buh this is me on sunday....haha...with my infamous i-where-everywhere slippers(:-( cant see d slippers in dis pic) n then I was gifted these playboy socks. Socks just reflect the fun bright bubbly me...i do it a lot for the laugh and everyone's pleasure!


  1. We're alike I think. I love fashion and style but for myself, I tire. LOL. Nice cute look here.