Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nigeria; The revolution! Me 4 President!

Shoes for today!---Lovely kinda playful power shoes!i like that they are toned down serious-very versatile-day 2 night. They are basically neutral so they will pass with any other colour..They are Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. yeh savvy President!

It’s been a while and suddenly I see myself being too damn lazy to do anything...blogging obviously included. I have been about Nigeria since a while back especially after the SONY ad and District 9. I won’t delve into that subject because it has been overly discussed and like any other reasonable patriotic Nigerian, my opinion is obvious---confirmed Sony hater here! Back to business---I am an unrepentant optimist and my optimism gets in the way of even normal thinking...i agree but all the facebook stats on the 1st of October that implied Nigeria was a shithole are well! just shit because unlike a lot of people I believe Nigeria will change and get rebranded without being sugar coated. We have a long way to go but I believe it’s not too far...all we need is one good President and a lot of good politicians; this is where my sudden interest in politics comes in. I am definitely not a sucker for politics and all but with everything going on and everyone implying that Nigeria will never be better; I just want to fill that post to prove them wrong! So I’m starting my campaign today---Me 4 President. Nigeria the Revolution! It’s a no nonsense government and if you are thinking of your national cake, we will all share the cake equally and legally. Being that I’m not the type to frown over politics, I would gladly rest if I see one good president before I start my journey to the presidency. It might sound really trivial now but seriously I mean it! I am tired of Nigeria being underestimated, I am tired of Nigeria being labelled evil---just because they see we have the potential to be better than they will ever be, I am tired of underdeveloped countries with hungry citizens referring to Nigeria with disgust, I am tired of being demeaned because I am Nigerian. I will always be Nigerian, the green runs through these arteries and white through my veins. Okay but a female president in Nigeria---Let’s see! It’s the revolution, remember. Our government will be filled with pleasant surprises and right now, I think that’s all we need because all we expect is the WORSE!

More to the deserving and improving---NOLLYWOOD! Personally I would have preferred our movie industry coming up with a name more original but then I guess we are all used to it now and it’s not an official name by any means, so I will let that rest. Being that I have been lazy as hell, I definitely was wasting my time doing something else and turns out apart from sleep...I was watching and craving Nigerian movies(haha---not a movie watcher but I managed to watch about 3 in 2 weeks so it was a huge step for me). Yeah yeah! A lot of people will close this blog now but then those movies that gave you the lasting bad impression about NG movies are almost in extinction now...OKAY! I exaggerate but there are some movies that will keep you smiling and wearing those * I rep Naija tees and I will recommend them. I have fallen in love with movies written or produced by Emem Isong-Nice she’s female!---Babes be finkin outside the freaking box + her movie characters have real names---not Stacey and Tracey and her movies we see Nse, Tersoo, Chidinma and I love that! Staying true to your roots. Any way my prescription for NG movies today are *drumroll*

Guilty Pleasure-*****

Letters to a stranger-******

Empty coffin-****


For Nigerian movie can tell that these movies are not necessarily new but then they are the few I have put on my—omG!!!R these even Naija movies* list! Delving into a Nigerian movie entertainment filled life, I’m hoping I would be able to put a few must watch movie recommendation with every post...I hope school doesn’t suffer cause most likely-someone’s got to pay!

All in support of The Federal Republic of Nigeria say Ay! Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay!


  1. Ay Ay Ay. I will vote for you. Hehehehe

  2. Ociajan for Presido!!!!!! yah!!!!, newaiz only seen letters to a stranger but m so anticipatin d guilty pleasure movie.... d poster is mad... it doesnt av people shoutin and pointin