Sunday, August 30, 2009

!mY pOint of viEw!

Was searching to put some girly shoes but came across this pair.More befitting for this post if yOu ask me, hip hop culture!yeah yeah..its Baby Phat-i like much~~~D perfect Dance shoes *sigh*dreamy eyes*. I actually like that they are black, i love black shoes, Be rocking them with all colours. Truth- all my shoes are black and brown.- i geS! See me wearing these on saturdays...skinny jeans and all...Everyday abeG!-if i get the chance! So my post!

Jay Z Vs Gucci for realz

Just got out this heated argument with my cuz and twas- Jay Z Vs Gucci hell No what we arguing that about. Jay Z is definitely no Chris Brown but DanG comparing him 2 Gucci is outright Mane! Tell my cuz that, No she’s all Jay Z is famous, so no one will admit that he’s uglier than Gucci Mane. It went on and on...mehn! that was work...from Gucci Mane having the image of a lizard to her saying Jay Z is the image of an ape..Hell yeh, we all evolved from the species so Gucci has nain on him. Jay Z is a fresh ass not that ugly boy, he’s cheese doing him big things and then she’s all Gucci is not made, doesn’t have as much cash! He might not be as rich as Jay Z but neither is 50 cent who went from being compared to Jay z to this macho clean rapper- now it’s hard to see why we argued then. Jay Z is better off because he’s not as dark as Gucci but Gucci is finer- Isn’t that meant to be my point? But ending with...the complexion is part of the argument ish!but I still know some dark chocolate guys you will pick over Chris Brown without twitching em sexy eyelids. she’s more than convinced that the complexion and fame will influence the votes and make them biased...damn! I so was ready to go out with this crutches and get the public’s opinion but Nepa(PHCN-but im soo used to the former) fcukd up and we couldn’t get the pix printed so it won’t be some argument based on images in their little heads...that’s if they would know who Gucci was. At the end...we just concluded in making the pix black and white and all so complexions don’t reflect but then the fame factor was we decided to do a poll with people of not so obvious looks and different levels of fame to check if fame will change the obvious....thinking two cuties. Catch up with this argument on my facebook.

I don’t know why everyone hates Rihanna’s voice in RUN THIS TOWN...but personally I actually like it. I’m not a Rihanna fan but she’s aite and her voice was good there- for me sha. It’s just my point of view.

And you don’t know what you have till you lose it. Could have sworn he was nothing but now that he’s not been showing face...I miss Chris BreezY!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diary of a newbie!

Shoes for found favourite-Aldo!
Versatile shoes...Fit for the Official look...buh reallY...which lady in real life will wear 5 inch heels for an 8hour job...çept them Sex and the city chicks. Maybe we will but don't be asking what those palms are doinG under our desks! They are purple-yay me!!!

Diary of a newbie.
It’s not that I have lost my love for gold coloured’s just in Medicine I’d be considered totally out of place. What happened to people being who they are wherever they end up? Forget my outlandish style but I seriously don't think medicine is cut out only for those with ankle length skirts and shoulder padded suits. What will be left of us who prefer comfy casual to geeked up? What will happen to my collection of denim/jeans that have proved lifesavers? I mean how laissez faire can life be without jeans, t-shirts and flats? There’s sincerely and truthfully nothing easier to pull off. For some of us...picking out corporates for Mondays is like prepping for a job interview. Oh the horror! I can’t imagine doing that the rest of my life. I should think a med student should be known for simplicity...where is the time to get all pimped and primed? Seriously denim is the way out...I’d never be caught dead wearing those butt hugging satin trousers...the lecturer might as well be considered silent if I can’t keep my mind on the board cause the tie I have on is choking life out of my tiny self. Despite all said...nothing can be done. The bar has already been set high, I’d have to resort to pencil skirts, tailored trousers, suspenders(heard these are No No's on E! yesterday...hmmm), ties, heels n Louis V bags. What else is to be done? I can only make the best out of the worst situations...until I forget the visuals of that Friday during my registration when Dr Mador yelled, ‘Is this how medical students dress?’...I will remain faithful to the dress code the Faculty of Medicine has served me on a platter of gold.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stereotypes..!Sluts anD BitChstarDs.

Shoes for today-Aldo:Eledge
So mi$s Phabuloos told me about checkinG out Aldo...buh i didnt. After this catch, Imma be a regular. She has this on her blog already..sadly it comes in turquiose I did some work to satisfy my imagination.Not baD!

Repeat wrote this earlier!been hoarded somwhere on my system.

Diary of a newbie.
Earlier this year + late last year= 2007/2008 session.
That session was drama at its peak. New peoples, new drama. As usual I was my happy go lucky self...all smiles, had nothing but love for everyone and kept my reservations to myself. Was nice to everyone, well until I discovered it was unhealthy and boy! did it hit me hard. So its life for people to be placed into stereotypes. I mean every guy you see who is as dark as coal with eyes as red as red, dark lips n a full beard to match is definitely a rascal, right? Not exactly! But in the same way every well dressed girl with her hair all done, looking fresh to death is considered pompous! Story of my life. Good thing I get people buried in their surprise when they ‘factually’ get to know me. I have been careful not to judge by looks, it never helps. So in my despair, one cold night I sat beside my dearest sanguine twin and wrote say I was hurting would be an understatement but lessons learnt, mistakes forgotten. It has been thoroughly edited, all the swear words erased to suit public viewing. ..................................................................................................................................................................................
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words; they break my heart. It hurts more to be hurt by words, Gossip kills! Even though we all get to realise that gossip is to be ignored and shouldn’t affect us, it’s inevitable that it hits us hard before we get to that realization the same way a child can’t be gotten without a pregnancy. Life is about this bad things and sometimes it seems there are no good things...but at the end the only thing that pays is being who you are.Yourself.You. Whichever way it can be said! So what if I love who I want to love? So whose business is it if my shoes are eleven inches? It’s definitely not my fault you don't have the jimmy choos I got the day before yesterday, it doesn’t mean I’m extravagant, it just means you know you want them. No one on earth can know you more than you do and I know myself, my road to self discovery is close to its end. I know myself as much as I need to and if it bothers anyone to know who it is behind this facet, then you can as well back off!
If at any point, anyone is mistaken to be perfect especially if it’s yourself, then do a double take because your creation might have been done by another fellow, not God. A million qualities can be laid down as criteria to be used in classifying the GOOD but never will everyone’s list be the same-that being reason #1. And #2. A perfect human being is one that strikes the balance between GOOD and BAD. Perfection would therefore be an obstacle to finding love as love is finding the positive for your negative, the good for your bad, and the acid for your base. If you are neutral then there’s no need for a neutralizer.
Self control is the mother of maturity. Self control is the significant among the least mentioned. Lord, I pray for self control, the strength to direct myself when I know my steering wheel should be going that way. It’s not as easy as it sounds but action speaks louder than words. So many problems, too little time. God bless you, God. God bless me. God bless us whoever we may be. God bless my haters. God bless gossips, we all are at some point. And God bless the tale makers, they make us stronger eventually. ‘Whatever doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger’- Kanye, bless you too. ..................................................................................................................................................................................~Look beyond the physical...there’s more to people than what meets the eye! Lesson learnt-Familiarity really does brew contempt! ~Really intense I know...but its reality and keeping reality in check helps sanity. I got into UJ and heard about the Barbies before us. We made our statement as Teletubies/headband girls. Don't be afraid to make your mark... whichever way be yourself, the best you can be and society can go sell sugar cane! This article could go on forever...many more stereotyping topics to explore. How many people assumed I was some dumb blonde who most probably couldn’t read or write? For heaven’s sake I bear no similarity to Paris Hilton...whatsoever but even at that I bet she isn’t that bad...still the same factor...Stereotypes! Ps. No actual Jimmy choos were involved in the writing of this article. Abeg! Who dash monkey banana?

Good people.Bad happeningS!

My blabbing continues. No vid at the mo', tried to dance but no..the legs not ready for today.stolen from someone's i dont have its details and all.Still obsessed with pastry but the Glamour i picked out something feminine! The shoes are soooo me...'cept the like 12inch they are not that high but i dont know if i can handle them.Would rock these in shades of purple..any day! Needing to get a purple collection of clothes. have no purple clothes as I''m new to the addiction...not. My rooms purple but then...more purple!
I wrote this today....have a lot i have written previously but this has to do with timing!

Diary of a newbie

Why? There are like a million reasons to ask why but I’m asking: why do bad things always happen to good people? You know really, I remember that stupid English teacher we would pray dead by Monday but it never happened-Last I saw of him Redworm was busy smiling and eying ex students but then that driver that understood that we were students and needed to get stuff into school to quench our hunger, well last I heard of him, R.I.P. Same goes for the man who made the most perfect Wednesday breakfast-buns...died before we could say Jack Robinson. Now I hear the ex President of Jumsa (Jos university medical student association) involved in some gas explosion lying critically burnt in some hospital. Yes! Francis (Jumsa) was there at the hospital to see me, called me a few times after that-okay not a few times...he tried and now this. And not forgetting me- I am a good person and I know it, if you disagree-you can like to go and fry akara! - Well I was involved in some silly bike-car accident, open fracture and all. So why the hell do Bad things happen to Good people. Beats me? Nah! I know why, at least I think so. You know when everybody was busy glooming around about my leg I figured it out.

1. We can never appreciate the good without the bad. We’d simply waddle in good and never realise that we are blessed to enjoy the good because without bad, good is just inexistent. Gane?(hausa-dig?) I’m trying to say without other colours, white wouldn’t even be named because there will be no need.

2. Allow me delve into spirituality- many times these things happen because God lets them...he never creates these situations, he just allows them because at those times we need to know that he is there watching over...dig? I just had an open fracture and all...true that but then what stopped me from losing my leg that day or worse more getting killed- the BIG guy above. Believe it or not, I needed a wakeup call!-Yeh you will most likely believe.

3. These things happen to point out the things and people that really matter. Might sound like the usual but standing beside people at difficult times isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, as a friend maybe but when you are not for real, most likely it won’t work. It’s not about coming over to see how a friends doing but then the difference is clear...pretence doesn’t work much here!

4. My final point! They say to jump over a high wall you have to take a few steps need that determination from failure to take the big leap into success...Yes, the reason why most children born with the golden spoon die in unprocessed wooden caskets...they never have a feel of what failure is. After the storm comes sunlight, after drought comes the heavy rains...whichever way it’s will become way better after the series of unfortunate events that seems like it will never end.

Get well soon Francis Ayomoh, me too. I will be praying for both of us but for you more.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

mY seconD bloG...hope e be better!

Shoes 4 today-PASTRY NEO-BERRIES.Im a freak 4 pastries @ d mo!..don't have any tho..yet!

To start off my bloG, imma put down a few thinGs i have stored up on my hard disk...Diary of a as an outgoinG med student!
Explaining the name et al... i love shoes.purple.Dance and the arts...have to combine this with medicine as a course...Im a sophomore by the way...
At the usinG them sexy crutches..Jack and jill to get around(yes,i named my crutches) imma put up a dance vid i kinda did b4 my accident.Its not like i do dance vids as a hobby..its d only one i have!done 2 days b4 that bike man decided to get infront of that cab n got my left leg broken.Now im officially pako...Gangsta baby!
Haterz...yáll are welcome...i enjoY ur company...

Diary of a newbie.

This is not something I’d wake up and decide to do but what is more fun that keeping a diary of my overdramatized life. Last year was out of this world...the rumours-nothing unimaginable. Funny how you get to know things you did and didn’t do from your siblings from another mother, sometimes I wonder if at any point I was sleep walking but obviously it’s just life and life is drama. I’d probably resort to saying it’s just the 100 level drama but I know it will go and beyond. They say UJ is a small place but Med school is even smaller: heard that from the horse’s mouth by the way but I guess I’ll have to add-A1 is a larger than life hall, leaving it will most probably bring larger than life rumours but enough said, nothing is as preparing for the journey ahead except being under natural sciences. Considering the fact that a spot in 200 is not yet certain on my path I’m quite awry bout using the word even at all but as a 200l hopeful...albeit things would be different especially with the books. Alas I’m probably deceiving myself...yet again-that’s what I said after 1st semester and I guess the rest of the story is quite predictable. 100l is total drama...from the running to halls for lectures (Thank God I never did that) to the realisation that my life was being kept under tabs- the only thing left out were the paparazzi; I don't expect the tradition to change anytime soon. These things will continue to happen but then what matters is how matters are addressed.

Pardon my editing-rough!, pardon the environment-jus fun.pardon d extra pple-they were just there!pardon d dull mo's!

My tribute to my lovely legs...we will be alright-september 11.