Sunday, August 30, 2009

!mY pOint of viEw!

Was searching to put some girly shoes but came across this pair.More befitting for this post if yOu ask me, hip hop culture!yeah yeah..its Baby Phat-i like much~~~D perfect Dance shoes *sigh*dreamy eyes*. I actually like that they are black, i love black shoes, Be rocking them with all colours. Truth- all my shoes are black and brown.- i geS! See me wearing these on saturdays...skinny jeans and all...Everyday abeG!-if i get the chance! So my post!

Jay Z Vs Gucci for realz

Just got out this heated argument with my cuz and twas- Jay Z Vs Gucci hell No what we arguing that about. Jay Z is definitely no Chris Brown but DanG comparing him 2 Gucci is outright Mane! Tell my cuz that, No she’s all Jay Z is famous, so no one will admit that he’s uglier than Gucci Mane. It went on and on...mehn! that was work...from Gucci Mane having the image of a lizard to her saying Jay Z is the image of an ape..Hell yeh, we all evolved from the species so Gucci has nain on him. Jay Z is a fresh ass not that ugly boy, he’s cheese doing him big things and then she’s all Gucci is not made, doesn’t have as much cash! He might not be as rich as Jay Z but neither is 50 cent who went from being compared to Jay z to this macho clean rapper- now it’s hard to see why we argued then. Jay Z is better off because he’s not as dark as Gucci but Gucci is finer- Isn’t that meant to be my point? But ending with...the complexion is part of the argument ish!but I still know some dark chocolate guys you will pick over Chris Brown without twitching em sexy eyelids. she’s more than convinced that the complexion and fame will influence the votes and make them biased...damn! I so was ready to go out with this crutches and get the public’s opinion but Nepa(PHCN-but im soo used to the former) fcukd up and we couldn’t get the pix printed so it won’t be some argument based on images in their little heads...that’s if they would know who Gucci was. At the end...we just concluded in making the pix black and white and all so complexions don’t reflect but then the fame factor was we decided to do a poll with people of not so obvious looks and different levels of fame to check if fame will change the obvious....thinking two cuties. Catch up with this argument on my facebook.

I don’t know why everyone hates Rihanna’s voice in RUN THIS TOWN...but personally I actually like it. I’m not a Rihanna fan but she’s aite and her voice was good there- for me sha. It’s just my point of view.

And you don’t know what you have till you lose it. Could have sworn he was nothing but now that he’s not been showing face...I miss Chris BreezY!


  1. Thank you oh! Rihanna's voice wasn't bad. I'm tired of hearing the same criticism from everyone about her.

  2. Nice blog, just came over to check you out.

  3. Thank yOu!
    @ Ms. dufa-evry1's still angry w her cos of CB-i fink dts Y.

  4. i miss chris brown too. welcome to blogsville :)

  5. Riri's voice was aiight..i think people were just waiting for her to sing a song..even a line so they cancritique..
    welcome to blogsville girl..i assure you of a idaful the addiction tho'.
    love ur background..fab

  6. I think riri's voice wz on point in dt video, dey shld ol go nd jump nd stop criticizin jor!!!!!