Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blah BlaB BlaBB!BootaY!

Shoes for toDay!Aldo!
They are cute, as casual as this post and random i ges. They could be my everyday shoes, they just look fun!
Baby at some point I might have hated you but now I miss you. I remember when they were teasing us together...saying you were just a limelight lover, it didn’t matter and now you are gradually leaving me. I’m a fan of them slim girls but if losing weight means losing you...I don't want to. Was beginning to enjoy having you and now you want to leave!No! So I decided to write this public tribute to you so you know I care and love you. I miss you bumcheeks!

Yes...I miss my A$s! It’s really bothering me, it might not have been anything big but thats the point. It wasn’t huge but it was appreciated and if that which wasn’t big decides to get smaller...we on the road to blackboard flatness oh! Abeg...imma grab anything I can eat...need to revive my junk in the trunk Asap! This could be disastrous oh, I can’t even imagine it so I’m off to grab as much junk to get my weight up, and hopefully DrY bones shall rise aGain!

Just went through this article and....Really why would anyone want to be buried amidst the devils worshippers and all-Forest lawn cemetery...hmmm-will look up more on it sha. Icky and real creepy if you ask me but then some great people lie there-1 point. I almost freaked out when I read the part that talked about Michael having a painting of the last supper with himself in Jesus Christ’s place like what!!!! But I chilled when I realised that the apostles were Einstein, Presley, Lincoln and the likes but really-What does that even represent? I will not judge oh-hope I’m not already but I’m beginning to ask how most of us would have reacted to M.J’s if he was not the King of Pop, if he wasn’t up there because mehn I’m already reacting, it doesn’t matter that he is a legend-no denial.

¬¬Right now: !!!!Jeez!!!!!! Is that a strand of hair I feel on my chin!!!!??!!!!!!! .....No No NO! Oh it’s a pimple...never been so glad to find one! Maybe I’m just losing it...


  1. I've got this irritating twin pimple on my chin and I can't stop touching it, hence it's getting bigger by the second. M.J is freaky!

  2. hahahah!its true....he's creepy!n ths pimps...argh so annoyin..hope u aint taking any passports nytym soon!