Monday, August 24, 2009

Good people.Bad happeningS!

My blabbing continues. No vid at the mo', tried to dance but no..the legs not ready for today.stolen from someone's i dont have its details and all.Still obsessed with pastry but the Glamour i picked out something feminine! The shoes are soooo me...'cept the like 12inch they are not that high but i dont know if i can handle them.Would rock these in shades of purple..any day! Needing to get a purple collection of clothes. have no purple clothes as I''m new to the addiction...not. My rooms purple but then...more purple!
I wrote this today....have a lot i have written previously but this has to do with timing!

Diary of a newbie

Why? There are like a million reasons to ask why but I’m asking: why do bad things always happen to good people? You know really, I remember that stupid English teacher we would pray dead by Monday but it never happened-Last I saw of him Redworm was busy smiling and eying ex students but then that driver that understood that we were students and needed to get stuff into school to quench our hunger, well last I heard of him, R.I.P. Same goes for the man who made the most perfect Wednesday breakfast-buns...died before we could say Jack Robinson. Now I hear the ex President of Jumsa (Jos university medical student association) involved in some gas explosion lying critically burnt in some hospital. Yes! Francis (Jumsa) was there at the hospital to see me, called me a few times after that-okay not a few times...he tried and now this. And not forgetting me- I am a good person and I know it, if you disagree-you can like to go and fry akara! - Well I was involved in some silly bike-car accident, open fracture and all. So why the hell do Bad things happen to Good people. Beats me? Nah! I know why, at least I think so. You know when everybody was busy glooming around about my leg I figured it out.

1. We can never appreciate the good without the bad. We’d simply waddle in good and never realise that we are blessed to enjoy the good because without bad, good is just inexistent. Gane?(hausa-dig?) I’m trying to say without other colours, white wouldn’t even be named because there will be no need.

2. Allow me delve into spirituality- many times these things happen because God lets them...he never creates these situations, he just allows them because at those times we need to know that he is there watching over...dig? I just had an open fracture and all...true that but then what stopped me from losing my leg that day or worse more getting killed- the BIG guy above. Believe it or not, I needed a wakeup call!-Yeh you will most likely believe.

3. These things happen to point out the things and people that really matter. Might sound like the usual but standing beside people at difficult times isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, as a friend maybe but when you are not for real, most likely it won’t work. It’s not about coming over to see how a friends doing but then the difference is clear...pretence doesn’t work much here!

4. My final point! They say to jump over a high wall you have to take a few steps need that determination from failure to take the big leap into success...Yes, the reason why most children born with the golden spoon die in unprocessed wooden caskets...they never have a feel of what failure is. After the storm comes sunlight, after drought comes the heavy rains...whichever way it’s will become way better after the series of unfortunate events that seems like it will never end.

Get well soon Francis Ayomoh, me too. I will be praying for both of us but for you more.


    gosh...i WANTTT...
    Pls get the details for it so i can STALK IT... even though i might not Buy it.. lol

  2. haha..remember al em window shopping steez...ELI! soryy..LizzY!!!n ths are d shuz i saw dt nyt wen i started askin 4 tempting!

  3. Hope your leg is better. Those shoes are HAWT!
    You're so on point!

  4. Hawt shoes!!! I so want nd I pray ur legs r beta soon so u can upload anoda video of ur dance rememba d days of run it nd G5..gud