Sunday, August 23, 2009

mY seconD bloG...hope e be better!

Shoes 4 today-PASTRY NEO-BERRIES.Im a freak 4 pastries @ d mo!..don't have any tho..yet!

To start off my bloG, imma put down a few thinGs i have stored up on my hard disk...Diary of a as an outgoinG med student!
Explaining the name et al... i love shoes.purple.Dance and the arts...have to combine this with medicine as a course...Im a sophomore by the way...
At the usinG them sexy crutches..Jack and jill to get around(yes,i named my crutches) imma put up a dance vid i kinda did b4 my accident.Its not like i do dance vids as a hobby..its d only one i have!done 2 days b4 that bike man decided to get infront of that cab n got my left leg broken.Now im officially pako...Gangsta baby!
Haterz...yáll are welcome...i enjoY ur company...

Diary of a newbie.

This is not something I’d wake up and decide to do but what is more fun that keeping a diary of my overdramatized life. Last year was out of this world...the rumours-nothing unimaginable. Funny how you get to know things you did and didn’t do from your siblings from another mother, sometimes I wonder if at any point I was sleep walking but obviously it’s just life and life is drama. I’d probably resort to saying it’s just the 100 level drama but I know it will go and beyond. They say UJ is a small place but Med school is even smaller: heard that from the horse’s mouth by the way but I guess I’ll have to add-A1 is a larger than life hall, leaving it will most probably bring larger than life rumours but enough said, nothing is as preparing for the journey ahead except being under natural sciences. Considering the fact that a spot in 200 is not yet certain on my path I’m quite awry bout using the word even at all but as a 200l hopeful...albeit things would be different especially with the books. Alas I’m probably deceiving myself...yet again-that’s what I said after 1st semester and I guess the rest of the story is quite predictable. 100l is total drama...from the running to halls for lectures (Thank God I never did that) to the realisation that my life was being kept under tabs- the only thing left out were the paparazzi; I don't expect the tradition to change anytime soon. These things will continue to happen but then what matters is how matters are addressed.

Pardon my editing-rough!, pardon the environment-jus fun.pardon d extra pple-they were just there!pardon d dull mo's!

My tribute to my lovely legs...we will be alright-september 11.


  1. My baby is bloggin, official blogville welcome, once upon a time I was a, You know you are actually the cause of my bloggin(but that's anoda story), is it a coincidence or wat ur legs r gettin beta on 9/11...hmmm nd my comment is becomin officially too

  2. Welcome! I'm totally obsessed with shoes too! Sowee bout your accident o..

  3. lovely written and vey inspiring...and i lov d video...its been awhile seeing u dance

  4. hey ,just stopping bye,u are welcome to our midst,keep it up