Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diary of a newbie!

Shoes for found favourite-Aldo!
Versatile shoes...Fit for the Official look...buh reallY...which lady in real life will wear 5 inch heels for an 8hour job...çept them Sex and the city chicks. Maybe we will but don't be asking what those palms are doinG under our desks! They are purple-yay me!!!

Diary of a newbie.
It’s not that I have lost my love for gold coloured’s just in Medicine I’d be considered totally out of place. What happened to people being who they are wherever they end up? Forget my outlandish style but I seriously don't think medicine is cut out only for those with ankle length skirts and shoulder padded suits. What will be left of us who prefer comfy casual to geeked up? What will happen to my collection of denim/jeans that have proved lifesavers? I mean how laissez faire can life be without jeans, t-shirts and flats? There’s sincerely and truthfully nothing easier to pull off. For some of us...picking out corporates for Mondays is like prepping for a job interview. Oh the horror! I can’t imagine doing that the rest of my life. I should think a med student should be known for simplicity...where is the time to get all pimped and primed? Seriously denim is the way out...I’d never be caught dead wearing those butt hugging satin trousers...the lecturer might as well be considered silent if I can’t keep my mind on the board cause the tie I have on is choking life out of my tiny self. Despite all said...nothing can be done. The bar has already been set high, I’d have to resort to pencil skirts, tailored trousers, suspenders(heard these are No No's on E! yesterday...hmmm), ties, heels n Louis V bags. What else is to be done? I can only make the best out of the worst situations...until I forget the visuals of that Friday during my registration when Dr Mador yelled, ‘Is this how medical students dress?’...I will remain faithful to the dress code the Faculty of Medicine has served me on a platter of gold.


  1. hear hear to unique style! lol @ geeked up ya know...

    those shoes look like they've been specially designed for torture purposes!!!

  2. Lol at E! and suspenders. If I have some banging shorts and a banging top and some banging heels and the suspenders happen to add the right element of preppy to my outfit, will they arrest me???

    Um... 5 inches is hella high for work!