Friday, September 4, 2009

Diary of a newbie V

Shoes for toDay!
They Aldo!--My one stop online shop for fab shoes---yada yada yada!WEll, they just really match the post because really they are practical. maybe I just cant bring myself to settle for sore feet after lectures, Is it just me? Well, i wear flats everyday, was really tempted to get black on here but this just has the fab d post!

Med & Money
Taken! Med students never ever admit the fact that they are in med for the money. Maybe many aren’t but I bet a good number are. Everyone’s talking about the passion...what better driving force than the Kish! Ego! Kudi! Owo!-that really is the Passion. What’s more inspiring than a house in the Hamptons or the Caribbean? Or the H3...Lamborghinis? Private jets and yachts? Moet as water? Maybe the above options aren’t appealing enough for our more homemade and home loving counterparts- a big mansion in your village? A shot at being Anumanu III of Mbaise? Having the latest V boot in town? I can sense your drool from where I’m seated!
Sincerely many of us just want to be seen as good humans who want nothing but the best for the people but deep down we know better. What better explanation for the stamped fact that med students deal med & money! Making money is always the favourite pastime- we talking a 70% to 30% ratio here and the money makers are definitely not the lower rate. As prospective doctors, life couldn’t seem easier...a decent acknowledgeable pay while serving as an intern, and mostly a job readily available after grad. There would definitely be no better reward for staying in school 6 years + to get a degree and the sacrifice of living the rest of our lives inhaling the scent of iodine and izal-atleast for some. Whatever it be, I don't see money as being the wrong inspiration for a career in med because let’s face it, every career is based on making money. If you think otherwise, why then would our parents refer to education as an investment if it didn’t entail profit? I see no adverse effects if I have money on my mind and you have the sick in your mind and we all wind up being Doctors. We’d both still be treating the sick and getting the pay except I allow a large number of patients die due to my nonchalance considering the fact that I’m more intent on getting money-but that’s not going to happen because I have too much money on my mind to allow myself lose my license and eventually end up a pauper. Moreover, the fact that money serves as my driving force doesn’t mean I have no soft spot for the lives of Homo sapiens like me. So at the end there’s quite no difference except while studying my notes there’s a cloud of money hovering above my head and a cloud of crying kids in Liberia hovering over yours. Pulp and plain!
Ps. God remains the first inspiration...this is just a battle of mates.


  1. lol... wen i said evrione waz an egoist some my philosophy classmates tot i had lost it, evribody is greedy he kind mangives to the beggar cos he has heard gt God will repay him YEA the only reason i am stl in skwl is cos of the plenty kish i see me wit in